The Custom Tile Roofing tile yard boasts one of the most comprehensive historic tile inventories in the country. With hundreds of different styles and manufacturers, identifying a desired tile can be a daunting task for those unfamiliar with historic tile.

There are several key components to roof tile identification. If you are searching for a particular tile, the best way to guarantee an exact match is to bring a full sample piece to our yard for identification (small broken pieces are difficult to identify).
If you are unable to to bring a physical sample to our warehouse, please include as many of the indicators listed below when sending your inventory inquiry.

First, one must identify the material. The most common tile materials are clay and concrete, however there are also slate and asbestos/transite tiles as well. If you are having difficulty identifying your tile material, take a look at our galleries to to see examples of various tiles for a particular material.

Second, one should determine the general style of shingle. Most concrete and clay tiles fall into one of the following categories:
Spanish (S-shaped)     Flat/Slab                   French            Mission (Pan and Cover)

CSFT-TS01                 CFFT-HZ11            CFFT-LC26            CSFT-LC9

Third, one should examine whether the tiles interlock. Most interlocking tiles use either a single or double channel system, which is visible on either the left or right side of the tile.

Double Channel          Single Channel

photo-103                     single channel

Fourth, one should measure the dimensions of the tile to obtain the length and width. Some clay field tile can be over-layed effectively even if the length is not identical, however most replacement tiles used in repairs should have the same dimensions as the original tile. Tile dimensions are critical when sending inquiries through our online identification system.

Fifth, one should look carefully on the back of the tile to determine whether the manufacturer has stamped their company name or logo on the tile. Positively identifying the manufacturer is clearly tremendously helpful when attempting to locate a specific tile.

ACRM49 Eternit Made in Belgium manufacturing stamp

If you have any questions regarding criteria for identifying tile, please feel free to give us a call at 303-600-8696 and one of our associates will be happy to assist you.